Sunday, August 16, 2015

It is not good that man should be alone.

Querida familia y otros amigos,

I've had a few thoughts in recent weeks that have led me to a testimony of this phrase from the scriptures: "And I, the Lord God, said unto mine Only Begotten, that it was not good that man should be alone" (Moses 3:18). I think this applies to both men and women, but especially to men!


My Dad has mentioned that right before meeting my Mom, he was freaking out about not ever getting married. He turned 24 a few days before the wedding. To me, that seems like a decent age to get married. Most of the guys I associate with or date are around that age. (Actually, most of them are older, haha. I haven't been on a date with someone my age since my freshman year of college!) The General Authorities have real concerns about the RMs of the Church delaying marriage because it's a real thing!

My thought was as follow: Do these guys ever get tired of going home to a bunch of roommates? A lot of them are graduates and have careers. Do they ever feel like they should be going home to a wife and kid(s) instead of other, single 20-somethings? Because sometimes I go home from work and make myself dinner and feel lonely--as if I should be making dinner for two. (Sorry if that was cheesy.)

Anyway, I know that some of them are earnestly striving to get married. Others, however, have become too comfortable with the bachelor lifestyle and/or are too picky. Even Elder Holland was a work-in-progress when he got married! (Though he's nearly perfect now...just sayin.)


I went to a Padres baseball game while in San Diego with my parents. Throughout the game, they kept showing people on the jumbo-tron. And of course, once the people on the screen saw themselves, they would freak out or kiss or whatever. I started to notice a trend with the men who showed up on the screen. They were typically in one of two categories: Some of the men were there with "the guys." They were almost always drinking and would hold up their budlight to show it off to the jumbo-tron. To be honest, they looked like real idiots. The other men were at the game with a wife/girlfriend and kids. These men looked sober and happy! They were truly enjoying the game and the people they were with! 

Of course this isn't exhaustive research...just some observations I made. I came to the conclusion that men need families to ground them. Not because they're wild animals and they can't control themselves, but something about patriarchal service makes them better. And like I said, they looked much happier. The kind of happy that alcohol can't offer!


This thought is for both men and women. I heard a great quote about Adam and Eve from Elder Pace: "Adam's ability to obtain the purification necessary to get back into the presence of God was dependent upon his continuous association with Eve." I have come to the understanding that developing Christlike attributes requires spending time with other people. Patience, love and charity, humility, virtue, etc. are all formed as we have meaningful experiences with the Lord, family members, friends, and other acquaintances. 

I think back to my mission. I had a few hours every morning to study the Gospel. Though I cherished that time, I recognize that most of my growth came from leaving the apartment and truly living the Gospel. Of course God wants us to read His word! But I don't believe that he expects us to spend all day every day just reading. The scriptures are full of verbs! Part of living the Gospel joyfully is actually living. It is not good that man (or woman) should be alone because we need each other to refine those Christlike attributes that are necessary for a Celestial life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Santa Maria and San Diego!

I just got back from a wonderful week long road trip to California with my parents! It's fun being a third wheel with them;)

Here are the highlights:

When we were about to leave Santa Maria, I snuck inside to say one last goodbye to my Grandpa. It was him and me alone in the room and he was sleeping. I had the feeling that it would likely be the last time I ever see my grandpa. I told him that I loved him and I heard him breathe out "I love you." (My grandpa rarely says anything coherent, so this was a huge deal to me!) I really love him and will miss him so much.

On Friday morning I called Evan (my cousin) and said that I wanted to do something fun. He picked me up from the hotel and we went to Coronado Island together! We caught lots of crabs and played in the tide pools then in the water. It was super sparkly and glittery with all those fake gold specks. I love the beach!:)

I went to the San Diego Temple in La Jolla with my parents on Thursday night. I've done baptisms there twice, but this was my first session! The Celestial room was amazing! Same with the atrium. The temple is true!:)

And of course Seaport Village, Old Town,  a Padres game, etc. I can't wait to go back:)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lehi City Council primary election

Well, if you didn't already know that I geek about things like this, here ya go. All I really want to do is make a good difference in the world. I recently returned from my mission, so I'm not completely up-to-date on what's going on in Lehi, but I feel like my background in debate and my prior service as county delegate qualifies me to make a decent recommendation on who you should vote for!:)

What I look for in a candidate...

Like I said, I'm not super aware of all that's happened in the past 22 or so months. I'm looking for a candidate who IS! Political, civic, business, and/or civil engineering experience are also important. After researching all of the candidate's websites, I came to the conclusion that the three biggest issues are: (1) our water resources (or lack thereof), (2) parks and recreation, and (3) developing infrastructure to keep up with new businesses. (Fun fact: the business corridor between Thanksgiving Point and 1200 E is the fastest growing in the nation!) They also all love Lehi, which isn't hard because Lehi is so lovable.

Anyway, I decided to call as many of the candidates as possible so that I could talk with them. I wanted to hear who could explain to me the issues that matter. I feel that being able to express themselves easily and offer real solutions would be important in a city council setting. I was able to speak with four of the eight candidates. (One candidate didn't have their number available, and I didn't see a point in calling the incumbents because their positions are best reflected by their time in office.)

Who I'm voting for...


Paige is my top vote! She has been attending the city council meetings for the past four years. She's served on the Planning Commission, PTA, UTA board of something important, Board of Adjustments, Round-Up Committee, Arts Council, something to do with Miss Lehi, etc. She was the most knowledgeable of all the candidates when it came to the issues. Paige had real ideas on how and where to provide more water. She was very personable and seems like she would be easy to work with.


Wayne comes from the business world. He doesn't have a ton of civic/political experience from what I researched and talked with him about, but he offered solutions on solving the infrastructure issue. Lehi City updates its master plan every five years. With the growth we're seeing, Wayne recommended that the master plan is updated every year. He also understands the importance of better communication between city departments, which I believe will resolve water and park issues. In addition, he sounded very educated and able to get things done.


Bill also has a business background and was so successful that he retired early. That was a huge plus to me because he'll have more time to serve! He's been involved with the Board of Adjustments and lots of other service projects around Lehi City. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me, which I appreciated, and is concerned with making sure Lehi citizens are informed of city council decisions. I feel like he's a represent-Lehi-to-the-council and not a represent-the-council-to-Lehi kind of person, if that makes any sense.

**To be fair, I didn't have the opportunity to speak with Ted Omer, and I'm going out of town this week. He seems to be a fairly popular candidate and I'm confident he'll make it to the final election in November. Just because I supported a candidate in the primary does not mean I will support them again in the final election. I hope this was helpful:) 

For more information, visit the Lehi City website: